Parcel Tips: Day 2

This week, we’re looking at tips to help you with your worldwide parcel delivery. When items are travelling a long way, there is a bigger risk that they will be damaged or lost, which is why you need to be so careful and do everything you can on your end to help your items arrive at their destination in one piece. Today we will be looking at securing a package.

Yesterday we wrote about the benefits of using cardboard boxes for sending your parcels overseas, and today we’re going to be looking at the best ways to keep everything securely inside. The first rule is to avoid using normal household Sellotape. This will not be robust enough against the jostling journey, so use parcel tape created especially for sealing parcels.

Some boxes may also benefit from being stapled with special cardboard staples to keep them sealed, especially if the contents are heavy or especially valuable. These staples can be placed against any of the edges with openings. Alternatively, a strong glue (make sure it won’t eat through the box) can be used to reinforce edges and flaps.

If you are concerned that your box may not hold up in wet weather, you could get it wrapped in plastic by a special plastic wrapping machine to ensure the contents stay completely safe.

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