RANDlogistics – world’s largest provision specialist

RANDlogistics provided our clients with the flexibility, responsiveness and service they deserve, using our deep operating knowledge to create solutions as unique as our client’s needs. Not much has changed in this regard even now.

We provide a broad range of freight management and customized logistics solution. We leverage our operational expertise, technology and a high capacity network of transportation vehicles, to identify logistics problems and provide end-to-end supply chain solution from unique perspective clients.

We offers wide range of transport related services that includes book small parcels, Full Truck Load Consignments, Project Consignments and Over Dimensional Consignments (ODC). We also provide containerized movement of cargo, Packing and Moving, Warehousing and storage facility all under one roof.

Freight transportation, Warehousing and distribution, offer chain solutions – we have a tendency to manage it all. That is why RANDlogistics are the world’s largest provision specialist.

RANDlogistics is large enough to deliver freight of any kind, to anyplace via air, ocean, road or rail, however capable of giving its customers the non-public attention they want. We have a tendency to facilitate our customers perpetually improve their transportation networks and gain a competitive advantage, by giving them the means that to urge product to promote quicker and a lot of expeditiously.

index2By understanding your problems and anticipating your business and provision desires, RANDlogistics specialists offer strong solutions which will drive price for your business.

Whatever business sector you use in, RANDlogistics provides dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations to confirm that you simply will deliver your service promise to your customers worldwide.

We offer each combination of warehousing answer that your offer chain would possibly need, including:
• Ambient

• Temperature-controlled

• Bonded

• Raw Materials

• Finished merchandise

• Automated

RANDlogistics target selected business sectors means that customers enjoy operating with specialists – not simply in provision, however additionally in their explicit marketplace. Our aim is to make long partnerships and work closely with our customers – typically shoulder to shoulder with their management groups. The power of our individuals combined with our business – leading solutions provides them with real competitive advantage.

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Courier Services: designed for a quick and speedy Delivery

Couriers U.K. have been in this business for plenty of years where on every day basis you can transport move & ship a few boxes or papers at a nominal cost that you pay. You can get professional & fast service combined with cheap courier service for your goods & simultaneously insured securely so that you do not worry about destroy & losing the goods.

Whether your items are large, heavy, or fragile & artwork, be it transport of office furniture, gym equipment or sports equipment, garden furniture, papers, boxes or parcels, RANDlogistics move all of them to make life simple & less stressful for you. We  move anything ranging from small goods to full haulage lots, be in vehicles, house furniture, vehicles, all you require to do it tell us & we will do it for you.


RANDlogistics have shipping competence to carefully package for shipment & we single handed hold themselves responsible for the whole procurement from express courier service to custom clearance & door delivery. You are rest assured of prompt, safe & on time delivery of your goods at the most economical rates. All shipments can be tracked online right from pick up until delivery & you can monitor the status of your goods exactly online.

Courier Services offer door to door services with very simple documentation, custom clearance; we carry anything globally at unmatched & competitive prices. Normally international packages take about to six business days. Each shipment gives you money back guarantee & free packing & insurance. You have an online payment option & what is more, detailed online tracking.

RANDlogistics ship all types of documents & non documents, we carry clothes, electrical goods, cargo shipments by sea & air, help in relocation, excess baggage, medicines, homemade food condiments, stationery, handicrafts, antiques & unaccompanied baggage.

It is of the most convenient solutions for shipping high priority documents & packages. We offer competitively superior value proposals & customer support is first choice, we pursue excellence in all we do, & grow amicably & profitably. Of the best courier services you can ever take with no regrets whatsoever.

Worldwide Shipping

At RANDlogistics, we know how difficult it can be to get quick parcel delivery for a low-priced price, but if you come to us for your worldwide delivery needs you can get exactly what you have been looking for. We can offer the delivery services of some of the world’s best courier companies, many of which are able to deliver to worldwide destinations. Our worldwide courier services include FedEx, TNT and DHL.

9RANDlogistics is an independent privately owned freight forwarding, logistics management and international shipping company, which provide exceptional services to commercial clients, private individuals and agents worldwide. We are one of the leading international providers of world-wide air, land and sea freight.

This has enabled our company to focus not only on sales and customer services, but also supervising of cargo loading/unloading. We offer our clients low-cost and high quality sea freight and logistics solutions both on import and export to all over the globe. We have a wide range of clients in different sectors and understand each client is unique with individual requirements for this reason we recruit the best

We apply our competence and experience in commercial management and operations to bring energy safely to the world markets. We aim to provide the best value services in our industry through outstanding operating efficiency – always keeping safety at the top of our agenda. We provide an integrated service where commercial, operations and fleet management work closely together to create the best customer experience.

We specialize in export packing and shipping of all types of cargo, ranging from household goods and personal effects, fine works of art and antiques, to general cargo. Just name it and we can handle it. Our dedicated staff can assist by having your shipments arrive at their prospective destinations safely and in a timely fashion.

We realize that customer satisfaction is established and gained by providing a service in which a freight forwarder and relocations company wills not only handle customers’ freight or personal goods with care, but also professionally, from start to finish.

Our job is not done until each shipment has reached its final destination and the customer is completely satisfied. We strive to create lasting business relationships based on quality service you can always count on.

Multiple Delivery Options When Using a Parcel Service

When sending anything through the post, there will obviously be different needs that must be met. Sometimes you may require getting something delivered urgently whilst others you may be looking to send something to other parts of Europe. Whatever it is you are sending & regardless of the timescale are that you require it to arrive within, you will always have a giant number of options obtainable when you select to make use of a professional parcel service. Ultimately the decision that you make is going to be made by taking in to account the amount that you are keen to spend & also how quickly you require your package to arrive.

The most basic options to go for when you use a professional courier would be their standard 1-2 day or 1-3 day deliveries. Both of these ought to cost less than ten, with the 1-3 day option being slightly cheaper as you would expect. Choosing to make use of these services will be the most suitable way if there is some flexibility on the delivery date & it is not an urgent package. Clearly the main disadvantage is that the person receiving the goods doesn’t receive a clear idea of when exactly their parcel will be arriving.

If you need to get something sent quickly or in the event you require making things simpler for the person you are sending to then you can choose to go for of the next day delivery services. In the event you require doing this then it is possible for you to choose from either next day before 10am or next day before 12pm. Again, as you would expect, you will must pay more for the before 10am delivery. The main positives about this option are that you will get things sent very quickly & it also means that the receiver doesn’t must stay at home waiting for a package all day. The downside is the cost, choosing a next day delivery can cost two times as much as the standard deliveries.

As well as the above options that you have available, you could also choose to get the package delivered before 12pm on a Saturday but this will also incur an additional cost. As does sending anything that can be classed as rare or comes under the delivery companies exceptions list. If the item you are sending needs to go abroad then it is possible for you to choose from different services for these deliveries as well.

At the finish of the day, you can choose which parcel service is most suited to the particular needs of the package. If what you are sending is not that important then using of the standard services will be ideal. On the other hand, in case you require making definite it arrives by a definite date or time then you ought to look in to using of the more specialized delivery options.

Compare Parcel Delivery Prices

Instantly compare Courier rates. All in one place.

At RANDlogistics, we have a tendency to focus on discount shipping services victimization the most important and best identified couriers within the business. Our relationships with TNT, DHL and FedEx permit us a volume discount on shipping, achieving the simplest courier rates – and that we pass those savings on to you. We have a tendency to merely give discounted courier rates and provide a lot of convenient means for you to manage your shipping along with your courier of alternative.


We pride ourselves on offering the least pricey courier services available at a touch of a button which back up ought to you require it & that’s why our customers hold us in such high regard. Our aim is to make definite that all of customers that depend on us for providing business courier services have a simpler working life in the event that they used RANDlogistics compared to any other courier company.
RANDlogistics is exclusive web-based smart ship system that’s connected to major couriers. With only 1 click, you instantly get access to the simplest shipping rates by comparison quotes from leading couriers while not the trouble of looking out from site to site.

With RANDlogistics there aren’t any user fees, sign up is FREE. All you would like to use our smart ship system is an online affiliation – no code to transfer or install.
• Instantly compare discount shipping rates from leading couriers

• Store key cargo data for fast and simple future use

• View time period trailing of your shipments

• Enjoy a secure, web-based shipping service – no code to transfer or install


Use the facilities of an online parcel service

The most important thing is that in this modern age it’s become so quick paced and people require transactions done as quickly as feasible. It is the age of the World Wide Web and all things are done by this wonder. The Web makes our life quick and simple. People can buy or sell anything by using the World Wide Web sitting at home. A click two times is necessary to send a million pounds or buy any valuable things.

So, day by day sending gifts or objects from distant places is also becoming dependent on the World Wide Web. This process is so smart, and you can book anything sitting in your bed room. There is no requiring going outside and booking your delivery. This online process makes things simpler because does not require to go to a courier company with a giant package. They can do this from home, no matter what the size and weight of the package is. You can book this online and mention the knowledge that is necessary. They can then send this to any location in the world.

Once on a time when parcel was sent from place to another by horses & after that some companies started their own courier business. They used ships & cars to deliver important documents. But now the world is so rapid. People always try to save time & money. As a result, all important tasks of sending or receiving funds & documents are now web based. &, this process is affordable.

 In the event you need to send an important document or a package to your desired location then you can basically use the facilities of an online parcel service. To do this you need to complete some simple tasks. Fill some forms out on the net site & mention the item you need to send. You can get 24 hour service. You can send large or heavy objects trough this service. Beside this you can track your courier on the path to its location so you can feel more relaxed than with any other way of sending packages.

RANDlogistics is the easy answer for all your shipping and mailing needs worldwide. No matter the size, weight or destination our customer care representatives ensure your valuables are packed and scheduled to arrive safely and on time.

14If you require sending an international parcel you must make sure that your parcel reaches its location in the same state it was when you sent it. Some lovely & reputable companies may even pack your parcel for you so they can make sure that it is safe & secured according to their standards. Depending on the company you select, some companies charge for an international Parcel according to its weight, while some charge according to size. So you can select that does best for you. Other companies offer delivery reports which can be sent to you so you know when your parcel reaches its location. These are a number of the services that make parcel companies become efficient & reliable.

Online Parcel Services for Easy And fast Delivery

With the introduction of new know-how, shipping of bulk mails abroad is performed with ease & far more comfortable with the use of the latest means of transportation. It is even feasible today to receive a parcel to become moved from country to some other within 24 hours. However, this chiefly depends on the space. More often than possibly not, parcels are now actually sent faster compared to the earlier deliveries. Lots of shipping businesses has become giving international package service. In some places, public post offices make such services to individuals who need them.

2Delivery of international lot is gentle. Documents which might be of utmost importance may be miss-handled and delivered to the incorrect address. To conduct a study regarding the company is a appropriate move for you to think about to keep away from these incidents to happen. You ought to only hire an RAND Logistics Parcel service that is already recognized for its transparent services. This may be the primary choice for you to think about in order for your files to be delivered safely to its rightful owner. A combination meeting could be fine so that you will notice out if the company is reliable.

If you need to send an international parcel you will must make positive that your parcel reaches its location in the same state it was when you sent it. Some nice and reputable companies may even pack your parcel for you so they can make positive that it is safe and secured according to their standards. Depending on the company you pick, some companies charge for an international Parcel according to its weight, while some charge according to size. Other companies offer delivery reports which can be sent to you so you know when your parcel reaches its location. These are a quantity of the services that make parcel companies become efficient and reliable.

Choosing a RANDlogistics Parcel service is the first and an important step in successfully sending a package containing official documents. Trusting an unprofessional delivery service to distribute your important documents is very dicey. It is likely that your future depends on these documents; if these go missing, not only is your future jeopardized but also your sensitive information is leaked in to unreliable hands. Therefore, stay very alert when choosing RAND Logistics Delivery Company.

Before you set an arrangement with RAND Logistics Parcel service, you must at least try to find out first when they have other benefits offered such as bonuses and the facilities used. Confirm in case you can check online as to their schedule of delivery.

Time to Know Something More about us

When you come to send a parcel, there are some things you’ll need to think about. The first thing you need to make sure is that the package reaches its intended location when you need it to. This is important at special times of the year – birthdays, for example – when you cannot afford to take any risks.

The lovely news is that there are plenty of different parcel delivery options out there for you to select from, so you should not have much trouble finding that is best for you. However, you’ll need to look in the right places in order to find the best deal.

RANDlogistics Parcel service is available to both retail as well as business (corporate) customers. We are a contractual service, designed to suit requirement of business customers for an economical and reliable distribution solution.

3All Business Parcel consignments shall be given door delivery irrespective of its weight. Business/ Corporate customers are provided pick-up facility from their premises.

We are a global courier services company offering cheap shipping services across the UK and internationally. Working with some of the world’s largest couriers, we can help you send a parcel to 240 countries worldwide. Due to our reputation online, huge popularity and volume of orders handled, we are able to secure big-name express delivery services at a discount.


RANDlogistics Parcel service will be the customer’s first choice.

Our dedicated team delivers every parcel with care. We’re all about reliable parcel delivery with a personal touch offering a huge range of services and access points. You only pay for the speed you need – you can take our quality for granted.


ü  On time delivery

ü  Provision of insurance

ü  Competitive rates

ü  Prompt service and support

ü  Online presence

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Deliver Your Parcel Safely & On Time with Us

logoMaking a delivery is something that can be equated with the keeping of a promise. When some item is shipped out by a customer, that customer is putting his trust in the courier company & the courier company in turn must do everything that they can in order to deliver that package safely & on time. The courier companies have lots of responsibility on their shoulders & they must show themselves with every delivery in order to assure their customers that they can keep their delivery promises.

RANDlogistics offers lovely parcel services will also offer packaging services. The company can pack for you your parcel, ensuring it is wrapped professionally. When sending the parcel, it must reach its location in the same state that it was when you left it. RANDlogistics make positive they deliver all their parcels in the shortest time feasible.

Every year we send tens of thousands of parcels worldwide through our cheap parcel delivery service. Built on a great quality of service using trusted courier services like UPS, we are able to deliver the finest discounts to you, our customers.

With our fast, reliable, and affordable service as standard, we ensure sending your parcel overseas is convenient and cost-effective.

We distinguished ourselves from other delivery services by features such as better speed, security, tracking, specialization & individualization of express services, & swift delivery times, which is the expectation of all the customers.

11But for a little added peace of mind, take a look at our services that make up our International Business Tracking and leading online parcel broker. We Provide international door-to-door delivery by a specific time, or by the end of the next possible business day. Our global reach and local teams ensure fast delivery with end-to-end tracking and customs clearance. Please note that not all services are available in every country. Please refer to our website for service offerings in your country.

Urgent delivery of mails & parcels become simple with RANDlogistics. They are professionally & make sure speedy & consistent service. They have lots of vans & giant vehicles to over parcels of various sizes & make sure safe delivery of all products to different locations.

RANDlogistics offers an extensive range of low cost express and economy worldwide parcel services that you can really rely on. All our international courier services come with full online tracking and real-time scan information too, so you can see where your parcel is at any given time.


Know more About RANDlogistics Courier Services

RANDlogistics offers a reliable UK domestic, European & International courier service.

We pride ourselves on offering the least pricey courier services available at a touch of a button & that’s why our customers hold us in such high regard. Our aim is to make definite that all of customers that depend on us for providing business courier services have a simpler working life in the event that they used RANDlogistics compared to any other courier company.

We have specialized in the implementation of innovative document composition and delivery solutions. Our approach is to reduce cost and risk to our customers by developing repeatable solutions.

52Courier companies charge mostly on a per mile & weight rate calculation because of the immediate service they provide. Unlike the postal service, RANDlogistics offer tracking, security, and proof of delivery & as well as a guaranteed delivery time. In fact distribution services as well as logistics & management services offered used courier companies to expedite deliveries to their clients & customers.

One of the most important things that you need to think about is to select such parcel delivery company that meets your every day needs. It does not matter where you need to send your parcel because a professional product/goods delivery company can deliver your products anywhere in the world and make your work of sending goods simple.

There are so lots of courier companies in the market that it becomes hard for some to pick a company best suited for him or her. It may also be lovely to go through a courier broker. A courier broker helps you to plan your parcel’s transit effectively They help you to plan your courier needs, proposing the best way to send packages to it is location, safely without any destroy.

Make no mistake, lovely knowledge is lovely service & you had better be able to provide any & all knowledge in an instant ought to the customer ask you for it.

The result of nice parcel tracking & management is that it invariably saves both time & money. It will also make definite you feel secure & that your customers will.

Our name comes from our dedication to providing our customers with unwavering customer satisfaction and the quickest delivery options humanly feasible. Here at RANDlogistics, we think that our customers require reliable, fast, correct, and customer oriented same day courier services, which is what we are over happy to give. We are also open round the clock 7 days a week because we know that package delivery demands do not always happen in the coursework of typical business hours.