Multiple Delivery Options When Using a Parcel Service

When sending anything through the post, there will obviously be different needs that must be met. Sometimes you may require getting something delivered urgently whilst others you may be looking to send something to other parts of Europe. Whatever it is you are sending & regardless of the timescale are that you require it to arrive within, you will always have a giant number of options obtainable when you select to make use of a professional parcel service. Ultimately the decision that you make is going to be made by taking in to account the amount that you are keen to spend & also how quickly you require your package to arrive.

The most basic options to go for when you use a professional courier would be their standard 1-2 day or 1-3 day deliveries. Both of these ought to cost less than ten, with the 1-3 day option being slightly cheaper as you would expect. Choosing to make use of these services will be the most suitable way if there is some flexibility on the delivery date & it is not an urgent package. Clearly the main disadvantage is that the person receiving the goods doesn’t receive a clear idea of when exactly their parcel will be arriving.

If you need to get something sent quickly or in the event you require making things simpler for the person you are sending to then you can choose to go for of the next day delivery services. In the event you require doing this then it is possible for you to choose from either next day before 10am or next day before 12pm. Again, as you would expect, you will must pay more for the before 10am delivery. The main positives about this option are that you will get things sent very quickly & it also means that the receiver doesn’t must stay at home waiting for a package all day. The downside is the cost, choosing a next day delivery can cost two times as much as the standard deliveries.

As well as the above options that you have available, you could also choose to get the package delivered before 12pm on a Saturday but this will also incur an additional cost. As does sending anything that can be classed as rare or comes under the delivery companies exceptions list. If the item you are sending needs to go abroad then it is possible for you to choose from different services for these deliveries as well.

At the finish of the day, you can choose which parcel service is most suited to the particular needs of the package. If what you are sending is not that important then using of the standard services will be ideal. On the other hand, in case you require making definite it arrives by a definite date or time then you ought to look in to using of the more specialized delivery options.

Compare Parcel Delivery Prices

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At RANDlogistics, we have a tendency to focus on discount shipping services victimization the most important and best identified couriers within the business. Our relationships with TNT, DHL and FedEx permit us a volume discount on shipping, achieving the simplest courier rates – and that we pass those savings on to you. We have a tendency to merely give discounted courier rates and provide a lot of convenient means for you to manage your shipping along with your courier of alternative.


We pride ourselves on offering the least pricey courier services available at a touch of a button which back up ought to you require it & that’s why our customers hold us in such high regard. Our aim is to make definite that all of customers that depend on us for providing business courier services have a simpler working life in the event that they used RANDlogistics compared to any other courier company.
RANDlogistics is exclusive web-based smart ship system that’s connected to major couriers. With only 1 click, you instantly get access to the simplest shipping rates by comparison quotes from leading couriers while not the trouble of looking out from site to site.

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Online Parcel Services for Easy And fast Delivery

With the introduction of new know-how, shipping of bulk mails abroad is performed with ease & far more comfortable with the use of the latest means of transportation. It is even feasible today to receive a parcel to become moved from country to some other within 24 hours. However, this chiefly depends on the space. More often than possibly not, parcels are now actually sent faster compared to the earlier deliveries. Lots of shipping businesses has become giving international package service. In some places, public post offices make such services to individuals who need them.

2Delivery of international lot is gentle. Documents which might be of utmost importance may be miss-handled and delivered to the incorrect address. To conduct a study regarding the company is a appropriate move for you to think about to keep away from these incidents to happen. You ought to only hire an RAND Logistics Parcel service that is already recognized for its transparent services. This may be the primary choice for you to think about in order for your files to be delivered safely to its rightful owner. A combination meeting could be fine so that you will notice out if the company is reliable.

If you need to send an international parcel you will must make positive that your parcel reaches its location in the same state it was when you sent it. Some nice and reputable companies may even pack your parcel for you so they can make positive that it is safe and secured according to their standards. Depending on the company you pick, some companies charge for an international Parcel according to its weight, while some charge according to size. Other companies offer delivery reports which can be sent to you so you know when your parcel reaches its location. These are a quantity of the services that make parcel companies become efficient and reliable.

Choosing a RANDlogistics Parcel service is the first and an important step in successfully sending a package containing official documents. Trusting an unprofessional delivery service to distribute your important documents is very dicey. It is likely that your future depends on these documents; if these go missing, not only is your future jeopardized but also your sensitive information is leaked in to unreliable hands. Therefore, stay very alert when choosing RAND Logistics Delivery Company.

Before you set an arrangement with RAND Logistics Parcel service, you must at least try to find out first when they have other benefits offered such as bonuses and the facilities used. Confirm in case you can check online as to their schedule of delivery.

Know more About RANDlogistics Courier Services

RANDlogistics offers a reliable UK domestic, European & International courier service.

We pride ourselves on offering the least pricey courier services available at a touch of a button & that’s why our customers hold us in such high regard. Our aim is to make definite that all of customers that depend on us for providing business courier services have a simpler working life in the event that they used RANDlogistics compared to any other courier company.

We have specialized in the implementation of innovative document composition and delivery solutions. Our approach is to reduce cost and risk to our customers by developing repeatable solutions.

52Courier companies charge mostly on a per mile & weight rate calculation because of the immediate service they provide. Unlike the postal service, RANDlogistics offer tracking, security, and proof of delivery & as well as a guaranteed delivery time. In fact distribution services as well as logistics & management services offered used courier companies to expedite deliveries to their clients & customers.

One of the most important things that you need to think about is to select such parcel delivery company that meets your every day needs. It does not matter where you need to send your parcel because a professional product/goods delivery company can deliver your products anywhere in the world and make your work of sending goods simple.

There are so lots of courier companies in the market that it becomes hard for some to pick a company best suited for him or her. It may also be lovely to go through a courier broker. A courier broker helps you to plan your parcel’s transit effectively They help you to plan your courier needs, proposing the best way to send packages to it is location, safely without any destroy.

Make no mistake, lovely knowledge is lovely service & you had better be able to provide any & all knowledge in an instant ought to the customer ask you for it.

The result of nice parcel tracking & management is that it invariably saves both time & money. It will also make definite you feel secure & that your customers will.

Our name comes from our dedication to providing our customers with unwavering customer satisfaction and the quickest delivery options humanly feasible. Here at RANDlogistics, we think that our customers require reliable, fast, correct, and customer oriented same day courier services, which is what we are over happy to give. We are also open round the clock 7 days a week because we know that package delivery demands do not always happen in the coursework of typical business hours.

New Advancement in technology for sending parcel Abroad

With the introduction of new expertise, shipping of bulk mails abroad is performed with ease & far more comfortable with the use of the latest means of transportation. It is even feasible today to get a parcel to become moved from country to some other within 24 hours. However, this chiefly depends on the space. More often than possibly not, parcels are now actually sent faster compared to the earlier deliveries. Lots of shipping businesses has become giving international package service. In some places, public post offices make such services to individuals who need them. But their services are not as effective & reliable as individual organizations.

18There are positive things that you’ll require to do and they will demand that you employ international parcel services. Like for example, in case you needed to have an entry in other place where you prepared to have your document sent to the college that you aimed to apply to, you certainly ought to receive global parcel service. It is only best for you to understand the mechanics on how best to hire a nice business for you to avail the kind of services that you wanted.

In every business it is important to do things on time. All the parcels and packages ought to be sent and received on time and this is a must. By following this can the business get more clients and customers. It is of the reasons why it becomes necessary to hire the RANDlogistics courier service to do the job. Through their service the company won’t only gain more clients, but the entrepreneur can be positive that the packages and parcels will be safe in their hands and will always reach on time as promised by them.

If the business is spread across the globe, then international courier service plays a major role. Sometimes there’s so plenty of things that need to be sent across. It could be papers, documents, files or even equipment’s. These things cannot take forever to reach the location. Hiring RANDlogistics courier service provider makes all the difference. Postal service cannot give you the prompt delivery or a lot safety for your items; it is only the courier provider who will be able to do that. The business being international itself is a massive achievement and to keep up the name and the work intact on needs to hire the best of services in every feasible sector to make positive that the organization does not face any issue with the business or in the future.

Time of supply is a necessary system that you ought to not neglect when you hire a RANDlogistics service. Find out of the company’s site how long the object will need to access the receiver. You could conduct an interview with the sales executive of the company or those who are already well acquainted with their services. If the delivery time fits your plan, it is feasible to go on and hire the service of the business.

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Take benefit of discount courier service with RANDlogistics

RANDlogistics is a global courier services company offering cheap shipping services across the UK and internationally. Working with some of the world’s largest couriers, RANDlogistics can help you send a parcel to 240 countries worldwide. Due to our reputation online, huge popularity and volume of orders handled, we are able to secure big-name express delivery services at a discount.

70We ship to over 240 worldwide destinations and our pricing is calculated using the volumetric calculation. The size and weight of your parcel affects the cost plus any additional services you book at the time of order. The different forms of international parcel delivery, whether its road or air, will also determine the price you pay.

Our focus is on the customer and our mission is good old fashioned customer satisfaction while utilizing today’s technology, this combined with an added focus on safety and security allows us to say “When time and money really matters RANDlogistics is just a phone call away”.

Here at RANDlogistics we tend to focus on providing low cost international parcel delivery services. We tend to use the simplest services to rearrange your parcel delivery and since of our huge shopping for power we are able to give you the most cost effective services – all accessible on-line.

The service you select – be it an express, overnight, international, European or domestic attending to be precisely the same as going to the parcel delivery company yourself, however at a far cheaper rate!

You simply get a quote for the parcel you wish delivered or collected, and pay money for the service exploitation by pay pal. Our systems then join up with DHL or TNT and build the booking for you, saving you cash and time. A driver from the service you select can then happen at your assortment address and acquire the parcel. It extremely is that easy! No one have to be compelled to queue at the post workplace or drive to the delivery depot.

Once you’ve got set-aside your parcel on-line, you may have the power through our web site RANDlogistics to trace it once it’s been collected.

RANDlogistics is a market leading online parcel broker offering a vast array of UK and International courier services.

Our prices are the very best available due to our massive buying power with the world’s largest couriers we have secured huge discounts off their normal selling rates. This allows us to offer you some of the lowest parcel delivery prices in the United Kingdom.

Sending an International Parcel, a Step by Step point

Some people may not have to send a parcel internationally before, plenty of people have received parcels from abroad due to the rise in popularity of ordering goods over the world wide web but when they must send a parcel ourselves they could be a tiny bewildered. There’s a few tips that little businesses or individuals who regularly send items in the mail may be able to give us some tips in order to make positive that our own parcel deliveries are cheap but also effective.

5First of all you’ll need to pack your parcel correctly, normally a sturdy cardboard box will do for larger items but smaller items such as DVDs or CDs can get by safely with a padded envelope or padded envelope type. The key thing to keep in mind when packing is to make definite that you use lots of padding or insulation to protect your item from any knocks or drops they may encounter, fragile items such as glassware. Be cautious to make use of lightweight insulating materials like bubble wrap and polystyrene to keep the weight down.

One time securely packed you’ll need to put the label on your parcel to state where it is going to, as well as this you ought to put the sender’s knowledge on the parcel somewhere , normally on the reverse of the package. This is important in case the parcel has to be returned for any reason such as no came to collect the parcel or the address was entered incorrectly.

With your parcel securely wrapped & labelled correctly you’ll then need to pick the way you will send it, normally people will must go down to their local post office which could be inconvenient to individuals who may not have much time in the morning or their lunch break at work to spend time in a queue at the post office.

Fortunately there’s parcel delivery specialists or couriers who can collect your parcel from you, a way more convenient option as there’s parcel delivery companies that will collect from either your home or place of work. Also these may be the better option in case you have a very sizable or oddly formed parcel that needs to be sent, couriers can handle larger parcels where the regular mail network may have rejected them.

So when you have a parcel to deliver it is worth looking in to which services are obtainable to help you get your parcel to where it needs to go, rapid.

A Courier company is your best bet when it comes to parcel delivery, in case you need to send a parcel internationally then make definite you select that is experienced in worldwide shipping

International Freight Forwarders

In this article we will talks about how the society and people have become more sophisticated and have raised their standards and the availability of resources which has made things very easy for all. Also talks about worldwide shipping services with the different services offered and the sectors that are catered. Also covers about International freight forwarders shipping with its description and other services.

11The backbone of any business that specializes in import and export is a good freight forwarding company. RANDlogistics covers all that aspects that has a good courier must have. Choosing a worldwide freight forwarder is crucial of any business that needs to import or export for sale on an everyday basis.

A freight forwarder is an integral part of your export-import business & can benefit you in manifold ways. This professional plays an important role when it comes to jogging your international business smoothly. There are plenty of freight forwarder services which can be approached to get the best service.

RANDlogistics offers a full range of ocean freight, ground freight, air freight, worldwide shipping of containers, vehicles, oversight & special cargo at competitive rates. This world class service also caters for

  • Ocean/air freight forwarding
  • Multimode Transportation
  • Trucking
  • Ware housing
  • Logistics, &
  • Distribution services

The clients & customers awaiting their shipment need not to have any worry, as we makes positive that product is safe, undamaged & delivered on time.

Whenever you require using our services, keep in mind that the company compliance, cost, reputation, & security are all important. Furthermore, you also must take in to consideration the different decision-making processes involved, the means of transport, the service capability, & the tracking support of the freight forwarder, amongst lots of others. Without a doubt, you will have lesser tasks in the event you hire the services of RANDlogistics, which is why you ought to see to it that the forwarding agent could appropriately handle your needs & meet your preferences.

Make Your Urgent Document Delivery possible through RAND logistics

A reputed courier company would provide you with the most reliable, most hi-tech, nicely covered, customer focused, efficient and most traceable services. Some people would need refrigeration in order to protect their goods that have to end up being transported. Refrigeration is required limited to the delivery of particular products and clearly it is not a major problem if people desire to transportation documents and security.

It is regularly called as time consuming option to send your letter or document or any parcel via your usual mail services as they take long time to deliver anything. You may find effects worse when you are busy in your workplace and do not have time to visit post office. In that state, you should always watch out for a substitute that may allow you to send the item without waiting long hours in the queue. The courier service is therefore the only key for you since it can make your task easy and simple without consuming much time.

25If you are planning to deliver lots of paperwork which are associated with high value as well as require instant focus, then you should opt for a trustworthy cheap courier service. If you would like to be sure that they reach at the location at particular period, you have to search for couriers that guarantee promptly providers. This might assure you as you realize that your urgent document delivery would reach the destination swiftly along with secure before it is too late being highly effective.

Convenience is also an important nice thing about the actual courier service. In order to postal mail your goods, you require to visit their own facilities with a postal service. But couriers are in your own comfort while they system pickups and drops at the convenient location. Also if the actual customers demand something to become delivered returning to the company, that is additionally achievable. Such services usually are not usually seen in the actual postal departments.

For your urgent document delivery, you can trust on the services of RANDlogistics. RANDlogistics is a market leading online parcel broker offering a large array of UK and International courier services.

Courier professional services offer globally delivery solutions

Lives have changed tremendously in the last few decades. Nothing has remained the same; everything has evolved, changed towards making things more convenient for the human race. Human mind has invented new ways in terms of expertise which makes it simple for us humans to do plenty of things. This has also affected the courier services. Earlier they had postal service, registered post, speed post, telegraph and telegram. But later the thought came to improvise it further and invent something through which can keep in contact with people abroad as well and that is when courier method came. Initially it was launched as domestic courier, one time it began to do well and people appreciated and gave a lovely response, international courier service came into being. It’s become a part and parcel of everyone life these days. Because of this method things have become simple and smooth for all of us. This method has become popular and has taken over the market globally due to which different kinds of courier services have emerged and are doing a lovely business, helping us in sending and receiving things not only in the domestic sector but also globally.

Thanks to the advent of the net, everything is achievable at the click of a button. Cheap parcel delivery is no exception. It is a click on absent! The Globe Extensive Net has designed parcel delivery practical and less high-priced. Historically in the past, in the event you were being expected to send a bundle to mainland Europe, you ended up expected to fork out a fair volume to do so. Gone are all those days! Now, you can deliver a parcel to Europe at cheap prices. Sending parcels inside the UK is even less pricey. So, cheap parcel delivery is surely a practical choice in the event you will require to courier a product. Much more and far more individuals are making use of these delivery companies to ship their objects. Explore by the several services companies and choose a cost productive deal that best satisfies your demands.

17There has been an increasing desire for on the net courier professional services. This is mostly since prospects are not satisfied with normal mail professional services. Online courier professional services make sure quick and reliable parcel delivery. In the event you require to must mail a parcel abroad, it makes perception to get in contact with a courier intermediary company. It will get prices from leading notch couriers like UPS and offer you the best value. You can expect the lowest priced deals from these businesses. Thanks to intercontinental couriers that offer you globally delivery solutions to corporations and others, consignments and parcels can be delivered without having any glitches. They can be delivered on time. The demands of worldwide corporations can be achieved proficiently. Parcels can be couriered in a timely method and that way in great situation.

From corner to another corner of world, it is feasible sending the parcel, important yet confidential documents and any fragile product safely. Additional attention will be given on the products that require additional care whether it is flowers, medicines as well as herbs that can carryover in the work of travelling or sometimes it is not allowed to carryover such products when a person is travelling abroad.

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