Uses for Junk Mail; Paper Crafts


The final day of our environmentally friendly way of reusing all that junk mail we sometimes get piling up focuses on tasks for those more creatively minded. If you were looking for a new challenge, or wanted a nice activity to do with the kids, why not try these two uses for old junk mail or newspapers?

Paper Baskets

Traditionally made in Ancient Egypt, wicker baskets were woven together using reeds. Nowadays wicker baskets are still used for plant pots and even coffee tables and sun chairs. A plain paper home made basket can be used to hold pens, paper-clips or other bits like sewing bobbins and spools of thread. Paper wicker baskets can seem daunting, but in reality it is a lot easier than it looks. There are plenty of guides online, and the end result looks fantastic.

Homemade Paper

Rip up your junk mail or shred it, then add water and put it all in a blender. Blend it to pulp and then you have all the ingredients to make your own paper! Use a guide online, and remember that most methods work for un-waxed paper, so make sure not to use any junk mail that is glossy or shiny.

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