Did You Know? Postal Facts Day 1

Children used to be posted in parcels across the USA, to save on rail fares. Often rail fares were more expensive than posting children, and normally the limit to one package is 50 pounds, so younger children were ideal to send to visit relatives via post – luckily not often packaged, just with postal stamps attached to their clothing.

It was a rare occurrence, but before it was outlawed in June 1920, several children were posted across America so that their parents or guardians did not have to pay the extra rail fare. Post able livestock at the time was included as ‘bees and bugs’ and children were not legally considered to be either of those (surprise?). On the 13th June 1920, the U.S Post Office ruled that it was illegal to send children via parcel post. Hopefully those few children that were packaged up and delivered had enough snacks to last them the journey!

Be sure to check that everything you are posting is able to be delivered in your recipient country, or you may find yourself facing some harsh fines. RAND Logistics can give you an idea of the types of things that are illegal to send via post.

Lesotho National Sports Day

In Lesotho, a small country found in Africa, the first Monday of October (this year 7th October) celebrates National Sports Day in the country. Communities come together to play and discuss sports. There are several sports Lesotho is at least somewhat known for on the world platform, including football, netball, tennis and athletics. Four athletes from Lesotho made it to the team in the 2012 London Olympics, though the country has as yet never won a medal. Sports equipment is often bulky or heavy if you are intending to send some to celebrate the day, but if you are going to send something like a tennis racquet or a cricket bat as a gift, remember that you can get the best rates on international large parcel delivery with RAND.