Preparing for May Day

Remember, the 5th of May is this year’s May Day bank holiday. On this day many shops will be closed as well as most banks and postal offices, so if you are planning to send any gifts or items abroad to a friend, relative or if you work from home and send merchandise out, it is best to send it ahead of time so that your recipient receives it in good time! Make sure to choose RAND logistics for any parcels internationally, as we provide first class service for any parcel or package; locally or internationally.


Although many people see May Day as simply another bank holiday which adds an extra day to the weekend, May Day is actually a significant day across many cultures and traditions, and many different countries celebrate May Day in their own individual way. In Britain May Day normally involves Morris dancing and the crowning of a May Queen, whereas in rural regions of Germany on the eve preceding May Day, villagers and townsfolk normally build bonfires and wrap the new maypole.

In Bulgaria, May Day is believed to be the day when snakes and lizards leave their burrows to terrorise the people, so they light fires and jump over them, making loud noises to scare the snakes. In some parts of the USA, May baskets are made which are small baskets filled with flowers or treats and left on someone’s doorstep.


Did You Know? Postal Facts Day 3

Just fewer than 6000 postmen were bitten by dogs in the USA alone in 2012, the highest rates city being Los Angeles, which suffered 69 separate incidents of letter carriers being attacked. Surprisingly, this was a decrease from 83 attacks in the previous year, which is a little bit of good news, albeit still making it the worst city in the continent.

In 2001, the Postal Service in Germany decided to take decisive action and taught courses on dog psychology to couriers to decrease the number of attacks, as there were around 3000 letter carriers a year attacked in Germany, leading up to around £8 million worth of medical bills.

Some dog bites have been so severe that they can lead to fatalities, or if the courier is an elderly citizen, can lead to heart attacks, although this is rarely the case. On the 15th July 2013 the Royal Mail launched its first Dog Awareness Week, as dog attacks have resulted in the loss of over 4500 working says since April 2011.

Take care when sending a parcel to Los Angeles for your friend or relative, as dog attacks tend to increase during school holidays. To find out our excellent rates for international shipping, use RAND Logistics quick quote form.

Did You Know? Postal Facts Day 1

Children used to be posted in parcels across the USA, to save on rail fares. Often rail fares were more expensive than posting children, and normally the limit to one package is 50 pounds, so younger children were ideal to send to visit relatives via post – luckily not often packaged, just with postal stamps attached to their clothing.

It was a rare occurrence, but before it was outlawed in June 1920, several children were posted across America so that their parents or guardians did not have to pay the extra rail fare. Post able livestock at the time was included as ‘bees and bugs’ and children were not legally considered to be either of those (surprise?). On the 13th June 1920, the U.S Post Office ruled that it was illegal to send children via parcel post. Hopefully those few children that were packaged up and delivered had enough snacks to last them the journey!

Be sure to check that everything you are posting is able to be delivered in your recipient country, or you may find yourself facing some harsh fines. RAND Logistics can give you an idea of the types of things that are illegal to send via post.

A History of the Parcel: Day 3

It’s time to take a look at the 1970’s in our latest instalment of the history of the parcel. Whilst many more countries began to issue their fist ever set of stamps, there were some major changes in postal structure for many countries across the globe throughout this decade, including the USA and Canada.

Between 1971 and 1979, many countries issued their first stamps including Benin, Angola, Bangladesh, Belize, Tuvalu and the Gilbert Islands which became Kiribati in 1979 and consequently issued new stamps.

The United States passed the Postal Reorganisation Act in the 1970’s, subsequently privatising the postal service.Seven years later, the USA made express mail permanent, after they had trialed the new form of mail since 1970. In 1978, the USA started to copyright postage stamps and other philatelic items.

In 1971, the privatised United States Postal Service began operating courtesy of the Postal Reorganisation Act. In the same year, Canada introduced six-character post codes for the first time. Three years later, the US stopped using the highway post offices. Railroad post offices also came to an end in 1977.

If you need to send a parcel internationally to countries such as the United States or Canada, RAND Logistics can provide you with the international parcels service that you require.




A History of the Parcel: Day 2

Our history week continues today with specific focus on the 1960’s. We take a look at some of the groundbreaking events that occurred during this particular decade and highlight the significant changes that came in to effect worldwide.

1961 saw Cameroon issue it’s first stamps as an independent country, whilst the UK trust territory of Cameroon had issued its own stamps just a year before. Many other countries including Bhutan, Burundi, Kenya, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and the Independent Republic of Malta all had stamps introduced for the first time in the 60’s.

1963 welcomed the introduction of the ZIP code in the US, something that became essential for mail delivery and you will certainly need a ZIP code if you wish to send a parcel to the United States in the modern era as well.

In 1966, the United States decided to put an end to its postal saving system. Two years later they also introduced priority mail, which was a form of mail that became an integral part of the United States first class mail service.

If you need to send a parcel internationally, you should consider the excellent services that RAND Logistics can offer. Be sure to check back in the mean time for tomorrow’s instalment regarding the history of the parcel.

Famous Birthdays on 14th November

We have reached the penultimate day of our week of posts celebrating famous birthdays around the world in dedication to the thousands of birthday gifts sent internationally every day. Remember to get a quote from RAND the next time you want to send a birthday present to friends and relatives overseas for the best rates and top quality service.

If you enjoy American music, 14th November is a bumper day for US rockers and rappers. Rapper Obie Trice and punk rockers Travis Barker (of Blink-182 fame) and Tobin Esperance (of Papa Roach) will be celebrating birthdays, though if you prefer your music from the 90s in the UK, you may be pleased to hear that Steps singer Faye Tozer is turning 38 today.

Culture vultures will appreciate sharing a birthday with French impressionist painter Claude Monet, who was born in 1840, along with the spookily similarly named Julie Manet, another French painter. Or, if you prefer your famous faces a little more politically orientated, Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State for the US, will be celebrating her 61st birthday today.

Remember to get all of your November birthday gifts bought, wrapped and sent soon, especially if they will be travelling overseas!

Famous Birthdays on 13th November

We’ve now reached the halfway point of our week of famous birthdays, and we hope that this is inspiring you to think about sending gifts to your friends and family who live overseas in the near future. We all love receiving birthday gifts, and with RAND you can expect fantastic rates on global parcel delivery and an extremely high level of service which will be much appreciated by the grateful recipient on their big day.

Firstly, Israeli rapper and producer Subliminal celebrates his 44th birthday today, and seemingly this is a very musical day for birthdays as we also send our best wishes to American jazz drummer Ari Hoenig, who hits the big 4-0 today, along with rockers Shom-Rock and T-Haxx, both of whom will be turning 41.

The acting world also sees some big names celebrating birthdays today, including Whoopi Goldberg who was born on 13th November 1955 and Indian actress Juhi Chawla. Or, if you prefer to think of yourself as sharing a birthday with a royal, King Edward III of England was born on 1312, or for an important name in Chinese history, this was also the birthday of Emperor Jiaqing.

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Famous Birthdays on 11th November

Many of the parcels being couriered around the world every single day will be birthday gifts, which is why this week we our dedicating our blog to famous birthdays of people all around the world. If you have a friend or relative overseas who is celebrating a birthday soon, why not think about sending them a parcel with RAND?

Film fans with 11th November birthdays will be delighted to know that they share their birthday with the wonderful American actor Leonardo di Caprio. If you’re thinking of sending him a gift, you’d better get in quick before he gets inundated with presents! Another American star of the screen celebrating her birthday on this day is Calista Flockhart, so be sure to use our parcel quote finder to get a quote on all your birthday gifts to the US!

If we go way back in history, we find an emperor and an empress of the Roman empire born on 11th November in 995 and 1050: Gisela of Swabia and Henry IV of Kaiserpfalz. Or, if you prefer your historical figures a little more royal, how about King Sancho I of Portugal in 1154? If you’re sending a gift to Portugal, make sure it’s with RAND for the best rates!

Parcel Tips: Day 1

As we hurtle towards the busiest time of year for postal services around the world, we thought we’d help you out with some handy hints to help you make the parcel sending process an absolute doddle. Whether you’re selling your old clothes on eBay to make way for the new season’s hottest pieces or you’re simply sending out Christmas presents, we’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to help you ensure your items get there in one piece.

Today’s tip is all about packaging. When you send a parcel domestically, you might be used to getting away with a padded envelope or even just brown parcel paper. However, when you’re sending abroad, you should always opt for a sturdy corrugated cardboard box for extra safety and to keep your items in one piece. Items travelling overseas will go through a lot on their lengthy journeys, and this is the best way to protect them from damage.

Furthermore, anything too flimsy could split along the way, meaning your items could be lost forever. They will be handled by multiple people in what could be several countries or cities, so it needs to be kept safe in something sturdy.

For a reliable international parcel delivery service, RAND will always strive to give you the best possible customer service.

Christmas in the US

We are concluding our week of US-themed blog posts with a little glance at Christmas in the US. It might seem too early for lots of you to be thinking about Christmas, but there are some interesting traditions we’d love to tell you about. If you have friends and family in the US, think about sending Christmas gifts to the US now for the best rates.

In Alaska, children carry a star on a pole from door to door to represent the star that guided the three wise men to Jesus over Bethlehem. They sing carols, and they are often invited inside to show gratitude.

In Hawaii, a US island state in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the beginning of the Christmas season is signified by the arrival of the Christmas Tree Ship, which arrives laden with Christmas products to allow the Hawaiian residents to begin their decorating.

In Arizona, they follow a Mexican tradition called Las Posadas, whereby there is a procession and play representing Mary and Joseph looking for a room at an inn. Families re-enact the event by visiting each other’s houses posturing as Mary and Joseph, and many households decorate a crib for the baby Jesus.

‘Mumming’ is a practice most commonly associated with Philadelphia, where a Mummer’s Day parade takes place over six hours. Groups will get together in amazing costumes which take many months to create, and there is music and an air of festivity all day.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas in the US without the giant Christmas dinner, which is often very similar to the Thanksgiving dinner enjoyed on the fourth Thursday in November. Adults may enjoy mulled wine or eggnog, and there is a strong focus on creamy puddings.