Packaging Items For Sending Abroad

We’re back with a useful post today about how best to package your items when you’re sending them abroad. It’s not quite as simple as sending something domestically, as there is much more chance of something getting damaged in transit on a long journey to a foreign country. While RAND takes every possible measure to minimise the potential for damage to your items during transit, it will be better for your peace of mind if you know your items are packaged well.

Firstly, regardless of the item you’re sending, we would highly recommend sending your items in a cardboard box. Some people think that soft items which can’t get damaged easily can be wrapped in brown parcel paper, but there are lots of reasons this isn’t ideal. It can get ripped or disintegrate if it becomes wet, and it won’t provide the right level of protection for your item.

Find a box a couple of inches larger than the items you wish to send to allow room for packing materials, and check along all the ‘seams’ to make sure it won’t burst open. Useful packing materials include scrunched up newspaper, polystyrene packing beads and foam shapes, along with our trusty favourite, bubblewrap. Wrap your item in bubblewrap if it is fragile, and place it in the box surrounded with foam or paper to keep it in place and act as a buffer against the sides of the box.

Use a strong parcel tape to secure everything inside, being sure to check all the edges and corners again. Make sure the address is written clearly on the box, either in neat block capitals or in the form of a printed label to make sure our couriers can read it easily! We will then take care of the rest.

For a reliable courier service, you can count on RAND to deliver.