Spooky Places in Norway

Norway is the perfect setting for all sorts of scary stories, and it has been the setting for some of the best horror films ever created. The rugged, rocky landscape, plunging temperatures and long, dark winters make the imagination wander, so we’re kicking off Wednesday with some of the haunted locations in Norway. If you dare to send a parcel to Norway, make sure you do it with RAND!

In Drammen stands Lier Sykehus, an old mental asylum for those with severe mental illnesses who were deemed unsafe to be part of normal society. Old mental asylums are often used as the setting for many a scary film, but Lier Sykehus has long been shrouded in sightings of ghostly apparitions roaming the corridors, said to be the spirits of the dead patients.

If you have friends and family in Oslo, they will know all about Akershus Fortress. This stands in the heart of Oslo and is a popular tourist attraction, though it is said to be the most haunted place in Norway. The castle has long been used for protection against city sieges and as a prison for rebels and criminals from Norway’s long history. It has been said that lots of creepy characters and unexplained noises have been experienced in the fortress.

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