The History of the UK Postal Stamp – Day 2

Penny_blackOn the 6th May 1840 the very first postal stamp was introduced. As a way of combating the financial losses of the Postal Office, 1d was charged for prepaid letters, whereas 2d was charged if the fee was collected from the recipient. This meant it was better for the sender and the recipient to prepay for their letter, plus the Postal Office received the money straight away (some messengers would be likely to pocket the money received and claim the letter was lost).


As a way of documenting this, an ‘adhesive label’ was attached to the prepaid letter. This was known as the Penny Black and was the first stamp ever to be used.

The Penny Black was quickly discontinued, as the black ink made it hard to see any attempts to void the stamps by crossing through them. In 1841 the stamps were printed in red, becoming the Penny Red. This new stamp was originally only for use within the UK, as it was a local stamp that depicted a profile of Queen Victoria. When international postage gained popularity, envelopes would be marked with the country’s name.

In 1951 a special commemorative stamp was issued containing the name Britain for the Festival of Britain, and the name has been used in stamps ever since.

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Spooky Places in Norway

Norway is the perfect setting for all sorts of scary stories, and it has been the setting for some of the best horror films ever created. The rugged, rocky landscape, plunging temperatures and long, dark winters make the imagination wander, so we’re kicking off Wednesday with some of the haunted locations in Norway. If you dare to send a parcel to Norway, make sure you do it with RAND!

In Drammen stands Lier Sykehus, an old mental asylum for those with severe mental illnesses who were deemed unsafe to be part of normal society. Old mental asylums are often used as the setting for many a scary film, but Lier Sykehus has long been shrouded in sightings of ghostly apparitions roaming the corridors, said to be the spirits of the dead patients.

If you have friends and family in Oslo, they will know all about Akershus Fortress. This stands in the heart of Oslo and is a popular tourist attraction, though it is said to be the most haunted place in Norway. The castle has long been used for protection against city sieges and as a prison for rebels and criminals from Norway’s long history. It has been said that lots of creepy characters and unexplained noises have been experienced in the fortress.

Famous Birthdays on 15th November

We have now reached the end of our week of famous birthdays, and today we will be looking at those big names in history who would have or will be celebrating their big days today on 15th November.

If you’re looking for historical figures, you’ll be spoilt for choice. On 15th November 1708, William Pitt thr Elder, the Whig British Prime Minister, was born, along with the Norwegian Prime Minister Christopher Hornsrud some years later in 1859. WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was born in 1891 on the same day as W Averall Harriman, the American ambassador to the USSR.

Or, if you’re more interested in the arts, there have been some talented, creative critters celebrating their birthdays on this day over the years. Model, fashion designer and make up artist Jeffree Star will be celebrating today, along with French actresses Laura Smet, who will be turning 30, and Virginie Ledoyen, and French film director Francois Ozon.

Hopefully this week has reminded you to buy birthday presents for your friends and family overseas so that you have plenty of time to get them sent with RAND!

Famous Birthdays on 12th November

Welcome to the second day of RAND’s birthday blog, dedicated to celebrating famous birthdays on this day as a tribute to all the birthday gifts sent around the world every day. Every day this week we will be posting about the biggest names in the fame world to be born on this day in history, whether that was 1,000 years ago or just last year.

Today we’re starting off with American R&B musician Omarion, who was born in 1984, meaning he’ll be 29 today. Some of the other big North American names to be celebrating birthdays today include film heartthrob Ryan Gosling, who hails from Canada, and actress Anne Hathaway from America. For competitive rates on parcels to Canada and parcels to the US, be sure to use RAND’s quote finder.

If you prefer science to the glittering world of Hollywood, perhaps you’ll be more impress by the UK’s very own John W Rayleigh who discovered argon and was born all the way back in 1841. Another British name you might recognise is Mariella Frostrup, who will be 51 today. Mariella was born in Norway, so if you have relatives overseas, remember to note down their birthdays so you can send them a gift.