Spooky Places in Portugal

Portugal isn’t a country that most of us would link with creepy characters and spine-chilling stories, but it has its own fair share of haunted places. If you have friends and family living in Portugal, it might be a good idea to send them a package filled with survival gear to fight off all the ghosts and ghouls lurking in the shadows…

Firstly, a bit of a royal haunting. The Beau-Séjour Palace, whose gardens are open to the public, is supposedly haunted by the Baron of Glória who was around in the 1800s. It has been said that the sound of bells ringing can sometimes be heard by visitors to the site, while employees based in the palace have experienced windows opening and being slammed shut and objects moving around and vanishing.

The next time you go to Portugal, be sure not to stay in room 108 of the Bela Vista Hotel in Portimao. The previous owner was said to have died in this room, and her ghost is thought to be the cause of the unexplained banging and wailing heard by guests in neighbouring rooms at night, suggesting her spirit may live on in her beloved hotel.

Spooky Places in Norway

Norway is the perfect setting for all sorts of scary stories, and it has been the setting for some of the best horror films ever created. The rugged, rocky landscape, plunging temperatures and long, dark winters make the imagination wander, so we’re kicking off Wednesday with some of the haunted locations in Norway. If you dare to send a parcel to Norway, make sure you do it with RAND!

In Drammen stands Lier Sykehus, an old mental asylum for those with severe mental illnesses who were deemed unsafe to be part of normal society. Old mental asylums are often used as the setting for many a scary film, but Lier Sykehus has long been shrouded in sightings of ghostly apparitions roaming the corridors, said to be the spirits of the dead patients.

If you have friends and family in Oslo, they will know all about Akershus Fortress. This stands in the heart of Oslo and is a popular tourist attraction, though it is said to be the most haunted place in Norway. The castle has long been used for protection against city sieges and as a prison for rebels and criminals from Norway’s long history. It has been said that lots of creepy characters and unexplained noises have been experienced in the fortress.

Spooky Places in Mexico

It’s a chilly Tuesday and we’re going to be looking at some of the scariest places in Mexico today. There are haunted places all around the world, so if you want to make sure your parcels won’t be tampered with by ghosts or anyone else, be sure to send parcels internationally with RAND for the most reliable, ghoul-proof service.

Perhaps one of the spookiest spots in Mexico is the Pilaer Hacienda in San Juan Teotihuacan. Spanish hidalgo Miguel Aritztia was thought to have fallen from a balcony on the top floor of the building and died, and the ghost of his wife, who tried to save him, has allegedly been spotted crying on the balcony. Miguel himself has apparently been seen hanging from the balcony hundreds of years after his death.

Another supposedly haunted spot in this Central American country is the Island of Dolls, situated in a swamp close to Mexico City. After a girl drowned off the island, the hermit living on it, Don Julian Santana, was pushed further into madness, and he began to fish dolls out of the river believing they were real children. These dolls are said to contain the energy of the little girl, and the ghost of Don Julian Santana himself has been spotted since his death.