Prohibited Items of Interest in Germany

It’s our last day of looking at the more bizarre prohibited items in countries across the world. It’s always helpful to know what’s prohibited in the country you are posting to as you don’t want to risk losing an item you’ve sent as a gift or that you’ve cherished for its value in the past. Today we’re looking at some of the prohibited items of interest in Germany.

Playing cards are a common gift and are probably one of the most recognised forms of gaming in the entire world. Germany has playing cards on there list of prohibited postal items unless they are complete decks that are properly wrapped. Germany prohibits loose playing cards as they are often used to carry drugs through postal networks.

Other unique items on Germany’s prohibition list include pulverised cocoa beans and the alcoholic drink Absinthe. Pulverised cocoa beans are a reasonably common food ingredient and Absinthe could potentially be sent as a gift.

It’s vital that you take a look at our list of prohibited items in Germany to ensure that you don’t lose anything you cherish when posting to Germany. Playing cards are often regarded as valuable collectibles which is why it’s important you only send properly wrapped and complete decks to Germany.

Spooky Places in Mexico

It’s a chilly Tuesday and we’re going to be looking at some of the scariest places in Mexico today. There are haunted places all around the world, so if you want to make sure your parcels won’t be tampered with by ghosts or anyone else, be sure to send parcels internationally with RAND for the most reliable, ghoul-proof service.

Perhaps one of the spookiest spots in Mexico is the Pilaer Hacienda in San Juan Teotihuacan. Spanish hidalgo Miguel Aritztia was thought to have fallen from a balcony on the top floor of the building and died, and the ghost of his wife, who tried to save him, has allegedly been spotted crying on the balcony. Miguel himself has apparently been seen hanging from the balcony hundreds of years after his death.

Another supposedly haunted spot in this Central American country is the Island of Dolls, situated in a swamp close to Mexico City. After a girl drowned off the island, the hermit living on it, Don Julian Santana, was pushed further into madness, and he began to fish dolls out of the river believing they were real children. These dolls are said to contain the energy of the little girl, and the ghost of Don Julian Santana himself has been spotted since his death.

Spooky Places in Germany

Now that the clocks have gone back and it’s well and truly cold and dark when we leave and arrive home from work, and with Halloween not far behind us, we’re dedicating this week to some of the spookiest locations around the world. With all these ghosts and ghouls around, you’d better prepare a ghost-hunting kit to send to Germany to keep your friends and relatives safe!

Firstly, Wolfsegg Castle in Bavaria has supposedly been haunted since the 1500s when husband and wife Ulrich von Laaber and Klara von Helfenstein, along with Ulrich’s sons, died suddenly. In more recent times, strange noises have been heard coming from a cave on the site, leading people to believe it is haunted by the ghosts of Ulrich, Klara and the sons.

In Praemonstratenser Abbey in Wurzburg, the ghost of a dead nun allegedly roams the halls while picking the petals off a bouquet of roses. The nun was beheaded after ‘bewitching’ the other nuns with herbs in their food before being burnt. The ghost of Maria Renata Von Mossau is said to wander the hallways even today, and there have been several sightings of this ghostly female figure in recent years.

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