Prohibited Items of Interest in China

We continue our week of interesting items on postal prohibition lists across the world with China today. There are some rather unusual items present on China’s list of prohibited items, including items you might not expect to be too much of an issue.

As ever, it’s important you’re aware of what you can and can’t send to any country as you risk losing the item to customs.

If you’ve got someone you know in China a smart looking wrist-watch, think twice before posting it to him/her. Watches are on China’s prohibited list so keep this in mind when sending a sold item or gift to China.

There are plenty of other electronic devices that can’t be sent either including cameras, sewing machines, televisions, radios and much more. Electronics are commonplace on many public shopping sites such as eBay, so make sure your item being sent to China is not on their prohibition list.

Finally, don’t try and send anything that could potentially harm the cultural, political or economical damage to China. This includes any kind of document, film or photograph so choose what you ship carefully.

If you’re interested in sending a parcel to China but want to learn more about what can’t be sent there, check out our prohibited items section for China here.

Interesting China Postal Restrictions

Following on from yesterday’s post about the things you can’t send to Afghanistan, today we are replicating this with a list of some of the more unusual things you won’t be allowed to send to China. Some of the items China don’t allow are very sensible. As with many other countries, you will not be allowed to send any meat products to China, as if these are contaminated they could affect the native livestock supplies which could be catastrophic. However, once again, there are a few things you might not expect to be a problem that are on their prohibited items list.

Used clothing and bedding are important things to note for eBay sellers. If you’re selling your beautiful designer coat but it’s been used, remember not to send it to China. Also, you may not send any material which might do harm to China on a political, economic or any other level, whether this is a book, a magazine, a video tape, a CD or even photo negatives, so check everything thoroughly before you send it.

Sewing machines are another unusual prohibited item, along with other basic machinery and electronics such as radio sets, wrist watches and tape records, so steer clear of sending anything along these lines.

Chinese National Day

Chinese flag

This week, we’re going to be celebrating a variety of international events taking place around the world. We’ll be starting off with Chinese National Day, which takes place on 1st October, and which celebrates all things Chinese. The People’s Republic of China was founded at Tiananmen Square on 1st October 1949, and it has been determined that this should represent the national day. Public places throughout China, Macau and Hong Kong are decorated elaborately, with portraits of leaders put on display for Chinese citizens to show their gratitude to the government. The government also organises some large country-wide events, such as music concerts and firework displays, and it is a time of great festivity and celebration for the Chinese people. If you want to join in and celebrate with your friends and family in China, send a cheap parcel with RAND for the best prices and most reliable service.

Thinking of Keeping Touch with Students in China?

China operates a lot of great programmes for students at its fantastic universities, and many British students may choose to spend their year abroad studying in China. If this is the case, it is completely normal to want to let them know you’re thinking of them. If you’re planning on sending them a parcel, why not do it with RAND?

Our courier service will process your parcel efficiently and we can be relied upon to make sure your parcel makes it to China in great condition and as quickly as possible, helping you stay connected to your student son or daughter from overseas.