Spooky Places in the Philippines

You may be relieved to hear that we’ve reached the end of our blood-curdling week of spooky places around the world, and today we’re finishing off with a quick look at the Philippines. We like to give our posts an international flavour, so why not give your own post the international treatment and send your next international parcel with RAND for the best rates?

It may be the stuff of nightmares for some, but if you like your cities spooky, Baguio City is said to be haunted throughout. Cemeteries, hotels, the military academy and many other places throughout the city are said to be haunted, primarily by those who died as a result of the 1990 earthquake which brought many buildings to the ground, crushing those inside to death.

If you’ve always wanted to dance with the dead, it might be worth heading to Quezon City to the site of the old Ozone Disco which caught on fire in 1996. Nobody was able to get out, and the people inside unfortunately burnt to death. People living in the surrounding houses have alleged that they have heard faint disco music when none has been playing or come across dancing ghosts in the area.