Interesting Peru Postal Restrictions

We’re rounding up our week of postal restriction posts, about items you can’t send to countries around the world, with a look at Peru, which prohibits the import of lots of products through the international post system. It goes without saying that anything illegal, such as drugs or weapons, will not be allowed into Peru, but along with this there are some other interesting restrictions which would be useful to know.


If you’re an eBay seller and are having a wardrobe clearout, remember that you can’t send any clothing, footwear or accessories to Peru as they will not be allowed in. This includes everything from gloves to coats to hosiery to boots, and while no clothing is allowed, it is specified that fur products are also not allowed, so it might be best to avoid Peruvian buyers of your prized fur coat.

Contraceptive products or apparatus are also not allowed into Peru. As a religious country, this is understandable. However, there are some stranger items on the list, including carpets, suitcases, shoe waxes, wooden utensils and interior ornaments, including artificial flowers. And if you’re thinking about sending any communist propaganda, don’t – this is also prohibited and will not be allowed into Peru.

Interesting Italian Postal Restrictions

For such a laid back country, you might not expect Italy to have so many restrictions on the items you can send to it. However, on top of the usual items which we hope you wouldn’t dream of sending internationally (illegal substances, weaponry etc.), there are lots of other surprising products on the list that will not be allowed into the country through its postal system.

If you have relatives or friends in Italy and you’re thinking about sending Christmas presents to Italy, you might need to get a bit creative, especially where children are involved. You can’t send toys unless they are made entirely of wood, and you can’t send any type of footwear, along with a wide range of haberdashery and sewn articles. The golden rule, as always, is when it doubt, leave it out.

Perfumed goods apart from soap are also not allowed, and while we’re on the topic of scented items, nutmeg, vanilla and saffron should also be left out of your package. You can’t send clocks or clock parts, artificial flowers, leather goods, playing cards or, bizarrely, ribbons for typewriters. There are many other prohibited items for Italy, so make sure you check an official Italian postal service source before you send anything.

Interesting Israel Postal Restrictions

All this week, we’ll be listing some of the stranger items you might not realise you can send internationally to various countries, and today the spotlight is on Israel. In a country of such political unrest, you should make sure you’re extra careful about what you send to Israel to minimise the risk of any security alerts, but there are a few things you might not realise will be a problem.

Lottery ticket

Israel is a deeply religious country, which may explain why games of chance and anything relating to lottery games are not allowed. In an attempt to minimise fraudulent activity, blank, headed invoices will also not be allowed into Israel.

Lots of the restrictions apply to food and agriculture. Tools used for farming are prohibited through the international postal system, as these may be contaminated by plant or soil diseases in the host country; likewise, organic fertilisers and soil and sand. But for something you might not expect, used beehives are not allowed into Israel, so if you were thinking of sending your old beehive to a friend living in Israel, unfortunately this won’t be possible.

Interesting China Postal Restrictions

Following on from yesterday’s post about the things you can’t send to Afghanistan, today we are replicating this with a list of some of the more unusual things you won’t be allowed to send to China. Some of the items China don’t allow are very sensible. As with many other countries, you will not be allowed to send any meat products to China, as if these are contaminated they could affect the native livestock supplies which could be catastrophic. However, once again, there are a few things you might not expect to be a problem that are on their prohibited items list.

Used clothing and bedding are important things to note for eBay sellers. If you’re selling your beautiful designer coat but it’s been used, remember not to send it to China. Also, you may not send any material which might do harm to China on a political, economic or any other level, whether this is a book, a magazine, a video tape, a CD or even photo negatives, so check everything thoroughly before you send it.

Sewing machines are another unusual prohibited item, along with other basic machinery and electronics such as radio sets, wrist watches and tape records, so steer clear of sending anything along these lines.

Interesting Afghanistan postal restrictions

This week, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the more unusual postal restrictions that apply when you send a parcel internationally. It goes without saying that weapons, drugs or anything dangerous should be omitted from your package, but there are lots of things you might never have considered that are prohibited from entering the country by international mail.


Today we’re looking at sending a parcel to Afghanistan. Probably the most unusual is chessboards. We’re not entirely sure of the reasoning behind this, but just remember not to send a chessboard if you’re trying to think of a way to keep soldier friends and family entertained in Afghanistan. The same applies to children’s toys with the exception of sporting goods, so don’t send any dolls, board games, action models or anything else which could be considered a toy.

Also on the list are tapestries and lace, silk products and books and any other publication which could be offensive to the people of Afghanistan, whether this is their morals or religion or anything else, so double check that what you’re sending won’t contain any material considered offensive to the people of the country.



We’re rounding off our week of celebrations around the world with a much-loved celebration in many Western countries – Halloween! The holiday is particularly popular in the US, and the day is celebrated by taking part in all sorts of spooky activities, such as dressing up in costumes, decorating the house with scary decorations and trick or treating. The day has Pagan and Christian origins, and it is a way for us to celebrate the dead and other living beings. Traditionally, this may have included fairies, spirits, vampires and other mythical creatures, when the doors of the current realm were opened to welcome everyone and everything back in for a day. Now we consider Halloween more of a fun occasion, with pumpkin carving, Halloween parties for children and horror films all being normal elements of the day. If you want to send a Halloween gift to relatives in the US or elsewhere in the world, RAND offers excellent rates on international parcel delivery, so use our parcel quote comparison finder for the best prices on your Halloween gift sending.

Vietnamese Women’s Day

Did you know that 20th October signifies Vietnamese Women’s Day? On this day, the people of Vietnam show their love and respect to women by showering them with roses, small gifts and good wishes, and the day was established by Vietnam Women’s Union. If you have female family or friends in Vietnam and you want to make sure your gifts will arrive in plenty of time to celebrate the day, RAND offers cheap parcel delivery to Vietnam, so take advantage of our competitive rates today.

Uganda Independence Day

Uganda flag

Each year, 9th October signifies Uganda Independence Day, a celebration of Uganda gaining independence from the United Kingdom, which occurred on 9th October 1962 and since has been used as the date of significance in the Ugandan calendar. Up to this date, the Britons had controlled the country and everyone lived under British rule, with strong political, ethnic and religious divides throughout the country. While the British legacy still lives on in the form of the country’s national language, English, the country is now self-governed by the Ugandan people, and this is celebrated each year with parties throughout the country. To send a gift to Uganda, RAND offers fantastic rates on international parcel delivery, so use our parcel comparison tool to check out the rates on offer.

Lesotho National Sports Day

In Lesotho, a small country found in Africa, the first Monday of October (this year 7th October) celebrates National Sports Day in the country. Communities come together to play and discuss sports. There are several sports Lesotho is at least somewhat known for on the world platform, including football, netball, tennis and athletics. Four athletes from Lesotho made it to the team in the 2012 London Olympics, though the country has as yet never won a medal. Sports equipment is often bulky or heavy if you are intending to send some to celebrate the day, but if you are going to send something like a tennis racquet or a cricket bat as a gift, remember that you can get the best rates on international large parcel delivery with RAND.