Horses and Mail History

As the Chinese New Year Festival draws to an end, we have a look at the history of the Zodiac animal for this year; the horse, and its history in conjunction to the delivery of packages and mail across the world. Aside from Pigeons, one of the most common forms of animal mail was by horse.

Horses were a primary method of delivering mail and sending important messages for several years, in countries across the globe. Accompanied by riders, horses could deliver hand messages or small bundles across great distances, and were later used to pull larger carts with bulk packages and large amounts of mail across long distances.

The service can date back as early as the 13th century, as horses are an incredibly fast animal, not capable of tiring easily, so can travel long distances with little effort. At times dogs were used to deliver smaller pieces of mail, but often horses would be used due to their stamina and speed.

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Uganda Independence Day

Uganda flag

Each year, 9th October signifies Uganda Independence Day, a celebration of Uganda gaining independence from the United Kingdom, which occurred on 9th October 1962 and since has been used as the date of significance in the Ugandan calendar. Up to this date, the Britons had controlled the country and everyone lived under British rule, with strong political, ethnic and religious divides throughout the country. While the British legacy still lives on in the form of the country’s national language, English, the country is now self-governed by the Ugandan people, and this is celebrated each year with parties throughout the country. To send a gift to Uganda, RAND offers fantastic rates on international parcel delivery, so use our parcel comparison tool to check out the rates on offer.

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