Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 6

It’s a new week of Christmas gift ideas as we build up to the big day here on the RAND Logistics blog. Today we’ll be having a look at some of the worst and weirdest Christmas gifts to be sent across the globe and some of the reasons why they have become notoriously bad gift ideas. No one’s perfect and sometimes the Christmas presents we get may not be fully appreciated for all sorts of reasons. Here’s a list of some of the most bizarre festive delights to be shared across the world.

The Bling Mug

It’s something that would probably make Del boy jealous. This particular cup of tea has a certain shine to it as the handle is made out of dazzling sovereigns. It’s an excellent gift for the boss but an absolutely diabolical object to look at. This has to be in our list of worst Christmas gifts.

The Voodoo Kitchen Knife Holder

Imagine a knife holder shaped as a human being. I think you know what comes next. Sort your kitchen knives by placing them through various areas of the human body. Probably the perfect gift for someone you really hate, then again it could work wonders if you’re feeling pretty stressed after a hard day’s work.

Panic Button

Every keyboard needs one of these, especially if your work colleague is absolutely tied down with work on a regular basis. Give them an easy way out with this red panic button, which is shaped like a key on the average computer keyboard.

You might be tempted to invest in some of these whacky gift ideas this Christmas, so if you are make sure you make the most of RAND’s international parcel delivery service and get your brilliantly awful presents sent to someone you love.

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