We’re rounding off our week of celebrations around the world with a much-loved celebration in many Western countries – Halloween! The holiday is particularly popular in the US, and the day is celebrated by taking part in all sorts of spooky activities, such as dressing up in costumes, decorating the house with scary decorations and trick or treating. The day has Pagan and Christian origins, and it is a way for us to celebrate the dead and other living beings. Traditionally, this may have included fairies, spirits, vampires and other mythical creatures, when the doors of the current realm were opened to welcome everyone and everything back in for a day. Now we consider Halloween more of a fun occasion, with pumpkin carving, Halloween parties for children and horror films all being normal elements of the day. If you want to send a Halloween gift to relatives in the US or elsewhere in the world, RAND offers excellent rates on international parcel delivery, so use our parcel quote comparison finder for the best prices on your Halloween gift sending.

Uganda Independence Day

Uganda flag

Each year, 9th October signifies Uganda Independence Day, a celebration of Uganda gaining independence from the United Kingdom, which occurred on 9th October 1962 and since has been used as the date of significance in the Ugandan calendar. Up to this date, the Britons had controlled the country and everyone lived under British rule, with strong political, ethnic and religious divides throughout the country. While the British legacy still lives on in the form of the country’s national language, English, the country is now self-governed by the Ugandan people, and this is celebrated each year with parties throughout the country. To send a gift to Uganda, RAND offers fantastic rates on international parcel delivery, so use our parcel comparison tool to check out the rates on offer.

Chinese National Day

Chinese flag

This week, we’re going to be celebrating a variety of international events taking place around the world. We’ll be starting off with Chinese National Day, which takes place on 1st October, and which celebrates all things Chinese. The People’s Republic of China was founded at Tiananmen Square on 1st October 1949, and it has been determined that this should represent the national day. Public places throughout China, Macau and Hong Kong are decorated elaborately, with portraits of leaders put on display for Chinese citizens to show their gratitude to the government. The government also organises some large country-wide events, such as music concerts and firework displays, and it is a time of great festivity and celebration for the Chinese people. If you want to join in and celebrate with your friends and family in China, send a cheap parcel with RAND for the best prices and most reliable service.

The Privatisation of the Royal Mail

Recently, it has been announced that the Royal Mail will be privatised in the coming weeks. This means that employees will be given a share of the postal service with members of the public being able to buy shares from £750. It has long been recognised that there are flaws in the Royal Mail, but is this necessarily a good thing? It is too early to say yet how this will affect the post in the UK, but one thing is for sure: it won’t affect the way RAND operate. We can still offer the same high level of parcel delivery anywhere in the world, and you will always have the option of fast, reliable delivery wherever in the world you’re sending your items.

Thinking of Keeping Touch with Students in China?

China operates a lot of great programmes for students at its fantastic universities, and many British students may choose to spend their year abroad studying in China. If this is the case, it is completely normal to want to let them know you’re thinking of them. If you’re planning on sending them a parcel, why not do it with RAND?

Our courier service will process your parcel efficiently and we can be relied upon to make sure your parcel makes it to China in great condition and as quickly as possible, helping you stay connected to your student son or daughter from overseas.