Gifts to Avoid This Christmas #2

Continuing with our week of our top tips of gifts not to give, we’ll look at some top tips in learning what doesn’t count as a good present.


A great tip is to think about how you would feel getting a gift that you are planning to give. If the prospect of opening a set of neon orange dinner plates or a wooden coat hanger fills you with dread, then those are probably not ideal gifts to give someone else. Unless they have specifically asked for them, who knows, someone could be into neon crockery.

Know your audience! There is nothing more embarrassing than a gift of flower to someone who is allergic, or a bottle of bubbly for someone who is teetotal. Just take five minutes to do a little background research into your recipients’ likes and dislikes, and avoid the awkwardness when they open a present they can’t really use.

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