Coming of Age Day in Japan

Yesterday was Coming of Age Day in Japan, a national event that has been celebrated for over a thousand years. The ceremony surrounds a young prince’s passage into adulthood by wearing glamorous robes and being given a new hairstyle. Most of the young adults who attend Coming of Age Day in Japan are 20 years old, except for some who are actually 19 and have birthdays that are between April of last year and April of this year.

Coming of Age Day is a big thing in Japan, with government officials attending local offices to give out presents to the new adults. The women that celebrate the event are generally dressed in a style of kimono, though they will usually visit a beauty salon to look their best for the day. Many of these kimonos are passed down through generations as the traditional Coming of Age dress is particularly expensive. In most cases, the young adults will finish the day by heading out to parties or bars for the evening.

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Did You Know? Postal Facts Day 4

There are over 7500 different courier companies listed in the yellow pages for the UK alone. The US Postal service is thought to be the largest in the world, and every day it sorts through and attempts to deliver over 700 million packages of varying size and shape. In comparison to that, the Australian postal service delivers up to 94 million items a week, which is an intense difference. However it comes as no surprise as the entire population of Australia could fit within the densely populated city of Tokyo.

When sending parcels to America, although the direct delivery of mail to people’s homes was present from 1863, the actual mailbox or mail slot was not used until 1923 when it became commonplace. Plus, although the red pillar post box has become an iconic representation of Britain, it was not the first country to store letters in pillar boxes. In the early 50’s of the 19th century, Anthony Trollope saw such pillar boxes in France and Belgium and proposed them to the UK Postal Service in 1852.

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