Shipping Restrictions in Australia

It is always important to check and double check if the country you are sending goods to will allow those goods to be imported, otherwise your intended recipient may end up waiting far longer to receive their parcel! Check out these restrictions before sending a parcel to Australia.

Used Goods

Various used goods are strictly prohibited for import in Australia. Used Bedding is prohibited, as are used Fruit cartons. In fact, new fruit cartons are also prohibited as they could carry ticks or parasites that once released can have devastating effects on the Australian ecosystem.

Animal Produce

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Jewellery that has been made from, or contains parts of ivory, or made from an endangered species, such as snake, crocodile or elephant, is strictly prohibited unless accompanied by an Import Permit in relation to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
Permission must also be obtained prior to the sending of any parcels, from the Australian Quarantine authorities when sending meat or any other animal products, including powdered milk or milk from concentrate.

Take great care when shipping goods to Australia, and as always, check with your local customs officer to ensure that any goods you plan to ship are okay for importation into the recipient country. Why not use RAND Logistics for all international parcel and large parcel delivery?


The Australian Open and Australia Day

January is a very important month for those living in Australia with the Australian Open tennis tournament currently being held and Australia Day approaching on the 26th. Andy Murray will be hoping to build on a successful 2013 by winning the Australian Open after returning from injury, though the sweltering heat in Australia is something all the players are having to deal with at the moment.


The tournament is held in Melbourne during the last fortnight of January. The current champion, Novak Djokovic, is one of many world class tennis players that take part in the tournament, making it an excellent destination for tourists in January.

The national day of Australia marks the anniversary of the first arrival of British Ships to the shores of Australia. There are various community events to behold on the 26th of January whilst families often make the most of the special day by organising gatherings.  You may well have a relative staying in Australia who is preparing for Australia Day, in which case you can make the most of our international parcel delivery to Australia.

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Did You Know? Postal Facts Day 4

There are over 7500 different courier companies listed in the yellow pages for the UK alone. The US Postal service is thought to be the largest in the world, and every day it sorts through and attempts to deliver over 700 million packages of varying size and shape. In comparison to that, the Australian postal service delivers up to 94 million items a week, which is an intense difference. However it comes as no surprise as the entire population of Australia could fit within the densely populated city of Tokyo.

When sending parcels to America, although the direct delivery of mail to people’s homes was present from 1863, the actual mailbox or mail slot was not used until 1923 when it became commonplace. Plus, although the red pillar post box has become an iconic representation of Britain, it was not the first country to store letters in pillar boxes. In the early 50’s of the 19th century, Anthony Trollope saw such pillar boxes in France and Belgium and proposed them to the UK Postal Service in 1852.

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Handmade Gifts for Christmas

On the last day of our Christmas week, let us discuss handmade gifts. When done well, with time and effort put in, a handmade gift can be a really sweet way of showing someone you care about them.


Before you decide to make the gift for your recipient, make sure you know that they would like this type of gift. Like it or not, some people aren’t the sentimental type, so a handmade photo frame might not be the best idea. Handmade gifts can be a heartfelt alternative to buying things off the rack. A necklace or a gold watch might seem romantic, but other people your recipient knows could have received the exact same gift, which makes theirs seem less special.

Put a lot of effort into it, even if you have no experience with making gifts. Try your hardest with your gift, whatever it is, as your recipient will probably see the effort put into the gift, and will be more likely to appreciate it. It helps if your gift is practical in some way, or an accessory, like a pair of warm gloves or a keychain.

Whatever your gift giving ideas are, make someone’s day with a parcel delivered by RAND Logistics. With our competitive rates throughout the world from parcels to Australia, to packages to the Ukraine you won’t need to use any other service for sending parcels internationally.

Christmas in Australia – How is it different?

Whilst we shiver in our front rooms and keep close to the comforting portable fires whilst covered in blankets and sipping hot drinks, those native to Australia are enjoying the warmth of the sun at this moment in time. Since it’s currently summer in Australia, Christmas seems to have quite a different style over there. Sending a parcel to Australia might be on your plans this Christmas but there’s absolutely no need to give someone over there a scarf or woolly hat this year. Here are a few things to consider when sending a Christmas gift to Australia.

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere so the seasons are opposite to that of the northern hemisphere. Australia experiences some of its hottest weather in December which makes Christmas Day an experience unlike that of most other countries. Many tourists head down under to experience Christmas in this particular climate instead of the colder temperatures back home.

The blazing heat in some parts of Australia at this time of year means one thing. They’ll be hitting the beach to celebrate Christmas Eve in a rather unique fashion compared to the vast majority of other European countries. If you’d rather not make them laugh with a huge woolly coat as gift, why not get them some typical summery items such as sportswear, sunglasses or maybe even a smoothie maker?

If you want to send a Christmas gift to Australia or anywhere else in the world, check out RAND Logistics services and discover how we can ship your parcel across the globe.