Christmas in Australia – How is it different?

Whilst we shiver in our front rooms and keep close to the comforting portable fires whilst covered in blankets and sipping hot drinks, those native to Australia are enjoying the warmth of the sun at this moment in time. Since it’s currently summer in Australia, Christmas seems to have quite a different style over there. Sending a parcel to Australia might be on your plans this Christmas but there’s absolutely no need to give someone over there a scarf or woolly hat this year. Here are a few things to consider when sending a Christmas gift to Australia.

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere so the seasons are opposite to that of the northern hemisphere. Australia experiences some of its hottest weather in December which makes Christmas Day an experience unlike that of most other countries. Many tourists head down under to experience Christmas in this particular climate instead of the colder temperatures back home.

The blazing heat in some parts of Australia at this time of year means one thing. They’ll be hitting the beach to celebrate Christmas Eve in a rather unique fashion compared to the vast majority of other European countries. If you’d rather not make them laugh with a huge woolly coat as gift, why not get them some typical summery items such as sportswear, sunglasses or maybe even a smoothie maker?

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